Band Together Knows No Age

Band Together Knows No Age

It truly takes a village.

This spring, we were contacted by the residents of Laurel Parc at Bethany Village about how they could help support music education in Beaverton, as they recognized music as one of the underfunded programs.

We are pleased and honored to report that our friends of Laurel Parc banded together to raise $1,170 to support musical instrument repairs across the District.

  • Edward and Doris A.
  • Lore and Janet A.
  • Friends
  • Dolores and Bert B.
  • W F B.
  • Donald D.
  • Colin and Patricia D.
  • Jo Ann and Howard G.
  • Rose Marie H.
  • Joanne H.
  • Ursula H.
  • Dorothy and Dale J.
  • Barbara K.
  • Richard K.
  • Harold M.
  • Dorothy P.
  • Mary P.
  • Mary S.
  • Leo and Beverly W.
  • Yoshie Y.
  • DJ Y.
  • Don and Joanne Z.

Thanks to all!

What to join the band? Make a contribution or donate an instrument.