Barnes Grants


Improvement of Classroom Environment to Better Meet All Student Needs: $720

Many studies have shown the correlation between classroom environment and learning out comes of students. After much research, I have found that it is important to create a positive, inviting and flexible learning spaces for my students to learn. Receiving the funds to purchase these special stools and work stations will encourage movement, encouraging circulation and blood flow, the opposite of sitting still in conventional chairs, as well as communication and collaboration as students move their seating the create impromptu work spaces and flexible groupings.


Engaging Bilingual Students: $796

Funded Provided through Beaverton’s Choice.

Research demonstrates that students should read for at least 30 minutes per day at school to show progress in their literacy skills. This project will provide opportunities for bilingual first grade students to read on iPads during the literacy instruction rotation, improving their reading stamina and reading levels. Student will be more motivated to read with iPads because they can interact, listen to stories, and play literacy games. IPads also enable access to a larger variety of Spanish titles. Funded through Beaverton’s Choice.

S5: Safe, Structured Strategies for Successful Students: $1,000

The goal of the project is to create Kindergarten classrooms that utilize strategies typically implemented in a developmental Kindergarten model. Many of the Kindergarten students arrive at Barnes in the fall with little to no educational experience. The hope is that by creating developmentally appropriate classroom settings, and providing research based interventions students will receive the differentiated support they need to be successful.


Arts for Learning (A4L) Lessons: $294

Arts for Learning (A4L) integrates standards-focused, text-based content and arts strategies to improve students’ achievement in literacy, learning and life skills. ¬†Grant funding will be used to fund two Arts for Learning units, with an artist in residence for students in grades 3-5.


Project STEM: Integrated Science, Technology, Engineering and Math: $1,000
Funding Provided through the BEF Building STEAM 4 All Program

Funding will provide materials for seven elementary schools to be a part of a pilot using highly motivating, integrated STEM projects. Using Project STEM activities, students will engage, explain, extend and evaluate project designs to find solutions to science and engineering design problems.

Wooden Car: $1,000
Funding provided through the BEF Building STEAM 4 All Program
This project will fund materials for the Beaverton Science Specialist team to go to all 33 elementary schools and teach first grade students a science inquiry lesson. Students will learn about the motion of objects when a force is applied as they wind a rubber band around a wooden car and measure how far it goes over different surfaces.


iCan Communicate: $1,000
iPad technology will be used during speech, language and social skills groups. Students will use the technology to perfect articulation skills, develop more complex language and practice social communication skills.

Exceptional Tools for Exceptional Students: $998
Exceptional Tools for Exceptional Students will provide students with special needs, access to iPads. Applications such as Rocket Math, Sorting Sounds and Sentence Builders are motivating and engaging for students with learning difficulties.


Film Stars from Afar: $1,000
Funding provided through Dave Gettling Technology Fund
Third through fifth grade ELL students will be involved in this film making project, producing films about their experience in Beaverton. The focus will be on developing strong language skills as well as involving the students in a community building process.

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