Beaverton’s Choice Grants Awarded

Beaverton’s Choice Grants Awarded

With thanks to our generous donors, including the Dave Gettling Technology Fund, The Spirit of New Seasons Market Awards, and the BEF Building STEAM 4 All Program, the Beaverton Education Foundation was able to award $4,395 funding 6 projects this cycle.  BEF Beaverton’s Choice Grants are awarded monthly.


Teaching With Phenomenon

School: Arts & Communications Magnet Academy
Recipient: Burton Reed
To better engage students this year in science I will be teaching topics through the lens of “Phenomenons”. Students will be presented with an experience that does not match their expectations and through labs, group discussion, and discovery they will gain a better understanding of the world around them in a more engaging manner. However, to accomplish this goal my students will need materials for each of them to get very hands and experiment to recreate and manipulate the phenomenon to better understand what is happening.


Let It Rain!

School: Elmonica Elementary School
Recipient: Lori Laws
Funding provided through the BEF Building STEAM 4 All Program
5th Grade students will research both how and materials for redirecting downspout rainwater from the portable roof into a rain catchment barrel. They will connect a hose to the spigot to provide the portables with a water source for gardening and plantings. Then they will plan and plant some greenery around the bleak portables and care for it using the water!


Exploring Photogrammetry for Virtual Reality

School: Highland Park Middle School
Recipient: Benjamin Lloyd
Funding provided through the BEF Building STEAM 4 All Program
In this project, students will use some of the latest technology to explore content creation for use with virtual reality. The process of photogrammetry involves taking several hundreds of photos and then using computer software to stitch together the images and create a three dimensional model of the scene. Once the scene is created, users will be able to experience the virtual “copy” of the scene they have chosen to recreate. Virtual reality or VR is quickly becoming a mainstay in the world in which we live and is expected to have a huge impact on numerous industries. Students will use this project to gain a better understanding of virtual reality and the burgeoning techniques that are behind some of the content being created today. They will experience first-hand one of the technologies that is helping to shape the future.


Touchmath for Middle School Special Education Learners

School: Mt. View Middle School
Recipient: Kyla Zaworski
Funding provided through the BEF Building STEAM 4 All Program
My students need to gain mastery in complex math concepts. By adding the Upper Grades Touchmath curriculum into my classroom, I will be able to implement engaging, hands-on learning experiences with my students as I teach the lessons. This mastery through interacting with the tactile components of the Touchmath curriculum will then produce a higher level of learning and understanding. Through the use of these Touchmath manipulatives and materials in hands-on activities and learning stations, my students will get a more thorough understanding of these math concepts. My students need the complete Touchmath Upper Grades curriculum in order to truly gain an understanding of some of the more abstract math concepts being presented to them in Middle School.


Interactive Education

School: Scholls Heights Elementary School
Recipient: Lillie Fletcher

My learners need to acquire language, social, academic, and life skills in a meaningful, interactive manner. I have 10 students who would learn skills like sharing, turn-taking, choice-making, academic IEP goals, sharing and patience. We are a future ready school that embraces technological advancement. My learners need the same opportunity and access to interactive technology. I would like to implement the use of an interactive smartboard to increase student engagement and participation during whole group instruction to build academic, life and social skills.


Transforming Timid Eaters: Healthy Habits for kids with Autism

School: Sexton Mountain Elementary
Recipient: Ashlee Rice

Food can be scary. Imagine having such a limited diet you only consume white foods, none of your food can touch, or have anxiety surrounding new foods. Often students on the autism spectrum have an extremely limited diet. At home parents are often overwhelmed and healthy and nutritious foods are not the main focus. At school we are able to slowly introduce and increase exposure to new and healthier food options. If students can begin the process of healthier eating in elementary school, we can help set them up to live a more balanced lifestyle