Beaverton’s Choice Grants Funded February 2019

Beaverton’s Choice Grants Funded February 2019

With thanks to our generous donors, including the Dave Gettling Technology Fund, Intel Corp., First Tech Federal Credit Union, The Spirit of New Seasons Market Awards, AHS Go Warriors! Opportunity Fund, and the BEF Building STEAM 4 All Program the Beaverton Education Foundation has awarded $55,034, funding 48 classroom projects so far this academic year.

Bridge Engineering

Teachers: Winter Chung, Bryan Forbes, Kim Karper and Nicholas Murchison

Inspiring Creativity through Pottery

Teachers: Bettina Curl, Mark Irwin

BSD Middle School Band Festival

Teachers: Blake Allen, Mandy Burton, Heidi Fraser, Greg Hall, Jeremy Kane, Andrew Nash, Michael Schlabach, Jennifer Stenehjem, Thomas Van Dyke

Help Support a Growing Trend in Music Education

Teacher: Andrea Herinckx

Designing for the Present and Future at Whitford Middle School

Teacher: Tyler Smith

From Poop to Pumpernickel – expanding our garden at ACMA

Teacher: Burton Reed

“From a Name to a Number” Alive in Every Classroom!

Teachers: Middle and High School ELA and Humanities Teachers

Light Up Our Performances! at Westview High School

Teachers: CJ Reid Hindman

Build Book Character Robots at Sunset High School

Teacher: Colette Cassinelli

STEAM Night at Sato Elementary School

Teacher: Carol Biskupic Knight

Thanks to our generous contributions, the dollars raised are enabling enrichment programs in Beaverton schools that otherwise would not be possible. For current programs, please visit Beaverton’s Choice, the hub that brings community and classrooms together.