Beaverton’s Choice – Projects Funded

Beaverton’s Choice – Projects Funded


  • Show It, Share It, Create It at Aloha High
  • Help Elmonica Students Become Engineers & Elmonica Sensory Garden at Elmonica Elementary
  • ACMA Art Day On-The-Go at Greenway Elementary & Barnes Elementary
  • Help Pro Club Build Robotic Inventions at Aloha-Huber
  • We Love Writing at Beaver Acres
  • Learning French Through Arts and Creative Writing at Westview High
  • Third Grade Stop Motion Animation Extravaganza at Ridgewood Elementary
  • Broadforking for Better Soil, a Better Future and Aquaponics at Terra Nova School of Science and Sustainability
  • Portland Architecture Tours at Merlo Station
  • Time for Kids at Rock Creek Elementary

What do all of these Classroom Innovation projects have in common?

ALL were successfully funded through Beaverton’s Choice. Thank you.

Projects like these; that inspire, innovate and help students succeed, are only possible through friends like you.

Spread the word to help fund more vital projects, like these. Visit Beaverton’s Choice and share or contribute today.