BEF Crowd Sourced Funding has Arrived!

Beaverton’s Choice is a site like Donors Choose that helps connect your classroom projects in our Beaverton public schools with individuals and business that want to help. Any Beaverton School District staff members is encouraged to apply for support. list their needs; donors choose which ones are of interest. It’s as simple as that! Now Beaverton Education Foundation can help make your fabulous classroom project go viral through Beaverton’s Choice!

This expansion of Beaverton’s Choice program will continue to make Awards on a rolling, year-round basis. all District staff, at all locations, are encouraged to apply for a Beaverton’s Choice campaign of up to $2,500, to support student-engaged projects that enrich learning and encourage classroom innovation in any content area.


Creating a classroom project, or campaign, using Beaverton’s Choice is a simple online process. Go to the Beaverton’s Choice application site. You will need to enter 5 pieces of information, click submit, and BEF will do the rest to get your project online and the fundraising started!

You will need the following to submit a project:

  • Title | A good title can make your request stand out. Identify your classroom problem or opportunity, and use a personal tone.
  • Intro | This will be the introduction to your project and the default message shared on social media.
  • Goal | Enter the goal for the project – the amount of money you are trying to raise
  • Picture | Use a horizontal photo that helps donors connect emotionally with the project maximum benefit.
  • Story | This is where you can go into more detail on your classroom or school project.
    • Your school name, number of students and/or grade level(s) served.
    • What are the anticipated learning outcomes and how will they be demonstrated by the students
    • How will this project make a difference – why does this matter?
    • Budget details – what will the money be spent on.

That is all you need to submit a project. If you have questions, refer to details of creating a project for step by step instructions.

Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis and will be posted to Beaverton’s Choice for funding by the public. You will be notified via email when to begin promoting and sharing your project. The BEF grant committee reviews your project and considers your active sharing in their funding decision.


Download a copy of the Project Completion Report and update BEF accordingly.