BEF Phone-a-thon Celebrates 20 Years!

BEF Phone-a-thon Celebrates 20 Years!
Starting Tuesday, October 9th through Wednesday, October 17th, hundreds of our high school students will volunteer to call community members to ask for participation in the 20th annual Beaverton Education Foundation Phone-a-thon. The BEF Phone-a-thon provides critical funds that support innovative academic enrichment and advancement programs for all students in Beaverton’s public schools. During the five-fun-filled nights, more than 350 student volunteers make over 30,000 phone calls, dedicating their time, energy and enthusiasm to supporting BEF programs. The Phone campaign and the associated mailings are the Foundation’s largest fundraising activity for the year.
For the sixth year, Ruby Receptionists will share their state-of-the-art call center. Kristine Baggett, Executive Director of the Beaverton Education Foundation shares, “We are grateful for our community support and sponsors, exemplified by our relationship with Ruby Receptionists who provide a level of workplace training and skill development for our student volunteers, within a positive, fun environment.” 
Sharing the support and sponsorship with Ruby Receptionists, BEF Phone-a-thon is proud to include sponsors: First Tech Federal Credit Union, Reser’s Fine Foods, and Beaverton’s Valley Times. For their fourth year, First Tech Federal Credit Union and Reser’s will provide a Matching Challenge for our community donors who give for the first time or who increase their current donation. Between these two specific companies, they have generously committed $20,000 to BEF.
When our student volunteers call, please answer and make a gift.
Help fund innovative and inspirational classroom, before, after and summer school programs, and projects that help all students in our 53 Beaverton public schools.