The goal of Camp Achieve is to mitigate and prevent “summer slide” or the loss of learning that occurs over summer. This multi-year program provides a multi-week collaborative summer school offering high-quality, research-based instruction to serve students of all abilities and skills at multiple schools throughout the Beaverton School District.

Each day of camp includes one hour of literacy, one hour of math, and an hour of arts and crafts, nature and physical activity. Other optional activities are provided through community partnerships with businesses and volunteers to round-out the students’ days. All students are provided nutritional support in the form of healthy snacks and lunch each day. Each student receives individual assessment of students’ progress, and is a critical component to providing targeted individualized educational content.

During the summer of 2016, students from Rock Creek, Terra Linda, Bethany, Ridgewood, West Tualatin Valley, Cedar Mill, and Raleigh Park Elementary schools had the opportunity to attend multi-week collaborative summer school that offered instruction to help prevent the “summer slide”. Over 500 student from six schools participated. Students were assessed six weeks after the start of school and Camp Achieve participants showed significant retention of skills:

  • Literacy – 91% of the kids retained skills (prior year was 88%).
  • Math – 87% retained skills 6 weeks after, specifically in math (prior year was 81%).
  • Boys were 62% as likely to retain skills if attending Camp Achieve.
  • Economically Disadvantaged – 3 times as likely to retain spring vs. fall math skills.

Through small group academic instruction, provided by trained, certified teachers, Camp Achieve enables all students to have an opportunity to build and cement relationships between the teachers and students, parents, and siblings. These school communities and families continue to benefit from the work in the summer throughout the school year and beyond.

Our goal for Camp Achieve is to expand the reach of this program, hoping to add three additional schools for the Summer of 2017.

For additional information, please contact the Beaverton Education Foundation office at (503) 643-7453.