Cedar Park Grants



Green Screen / Studio technology Available for all Students: $371

Funding provided through the BEF Building Steam 4 All Program

With this grant, students at Cedar Park will be given the opportunity to learn and experiment with the Touchcast video editing tool for iPad, that will help them build skills for public speaking, broadcasting, journalism and video editing which can be applied as job skills and can also be applied to future educational experiences. We would like to make a few deployable Green Screen kits, to make this accessible to all students, and help build equity. With green screens, lapel mics, iPad tripods these kits will be accessible to all students bringing them the ability to podcast, and create an online “Genius Bar” to help other students in the district with basic Chromebook shortcuts and fixes. These kits will be used by the majority of the school in classrooms as a feature for student presentations, podcast building, and as an introduction to video editing for many students who have never had the chance to experiment and learn what an iPad can do for them to bring their quality of presentations to the next level. We see these kits as being deployable into the classroom and also used in after school activities, such as leadership and drama.


Smoothie Bar Life Skills: $900

Children with autism have deficits in communication, social skills, generalization (transfer of skills) and basic life skills. They need to be engaged in how to best function in everyday life. The life skills program would be a daily smoothie and coffee bar while benefiting hard working teachers in the school as well as help students put their skills to use. At this time my students complete a cooking activity weekly, which highlights teaching them how to follow directions, functional math (measurements) and social skills. The smoothie bar will help students navigate real world situations. It will give students the opportunity to give back to the school as teachers will order smoothies in real time. Students will engage in communicating with staff and be required to shop for ingredients, bag the ingredients the day before, and follow protocol on making a smoothie. The program will also be teaching students nutrition as well as how to properly use kitchen items and skills to function independently in a job setting as an adult.

Safe and Sound 4 Student Success: $7,500

The Safe and Sound 4 Student Success program combines after-school soccer and tournaments with academic support. The soccer portion of the program will keep the students in school and engaged in school. The program will leverage the positive school connection through after-school soccer to reach out to those who need additional academic support. Students in Soccer Club will have progress reports every three weeks, those who are under-performing will be required to actively participate in an after-school Homework Help if they want to continue to play on the Soccer Club and in tournaments. Additional after-school enrichment activities (e.g. drama, basketball, math counts, math club competition) will also be provided.


Cedar Park After-School Program: $2,500 Funding provided through the BEF Building STEAM 4 All Program.  

Cedar Park students will have the opportunity to participate in a weekly after-school program to increase academic skills, build positive relationships with adults, and increase confidence in their abilities as students. Course offerings include Math Academy, Homework Help, Indoor Soccer, Drama, Basketball, Math Counts, Chess Club, Science Bowl and Math Club.

The Cedar Dreamer – Literary Journal of Student Writing and Artwork:  $1,000

The Cedar Dreamer, a student-created, professionally published journal of student writing and artwork, strives to honor and celebrate the voices of all students, by providing them with a meaningful audience with whom they can share their stories.

Go Girl – All Girl Soccer Tournament: $1,332

School: Cedar Park, Five Oaks, Health & Sciences, Meadow Park and Whitford Middle Schools

Funding provided through the Nike Employee Grant Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

Supports wellness and physical activities, designed to increase self-esteem and communication skills. Grant funds provided for a multi-school, all girl soccer tournament.



Bridge Design and Build Project: $1,000 Funding provided through the BEF Building STEAM 4 All Program.  Students will research forces and loads with emphasis on how to strengthen structures.  Next, students will research different truss designs and joints used in construction.  Working with a partner, students will follow specifications and construction regulations to design a bridge and track costs.  After the design is approved, students will build the bridge following their design plan.  The bridges will be tested to determine mass held before breaking.  Students will then analyze where and why the bridge broke and propose changes to add more strength to their design.

BEF Extended Day Award: Cedar Park After-School Program: $2,000

Cedar Park students will have the opportunity to participate in a weekly after-school program to increase academic skills, build positive relationships with adults, and increase confidence in their abilities as students.


BEF Middle School Extended Day Award: $4,000
Funding supports an after-school program that serves students who demonstrate low achievement in mathematics and/or literacy. Students are able to participate in mentorship sessions and receive tutoring from teachers of math or humanities.

After-School Theatre: $812
Students will cast, direct, design and present a school play. Grant funding will be used to purchase materials and costumes needed for production. During the course of the school play students will take on roles such as actor, director, sound design, lighting design, set design, costume design and photographer.



BEF Middle School Extended Day Award: $3,500
Funding supports after-school programming, in partnership with parents and community, to improve student achievement in learning target proficiency, especially in the areas of literacy and math.

Art Literacy Digital Transition: $1,600
The update of obsolete slide to digital technology for the Art Literacy program will provide continued viewing of museum quality images and presentations that demonstrate the power and value of the visual arts across time and in our world.



BEF Middle School Extended Day Award: $4,000
Funding supports after-school programming providing students assistance with homework and academic support. Students are provided with one-on-one tutoring with an emphasis in mathematics and literacy, Spanish language support, access to the media center and computer labs, and help completing homework assignments.

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