Errol Hassell Grants


Alternative Seating for Busy Readers: $500

Funding provided from the Dave Gettling Technology Fund, The Spirit of New Seasons Market Awards, and the BEF Building STEAM 4 All Program.

The Intervention Room, where students from kindergarten through 5th grade, participate in reading groups due to high risk reading problems and struggles. Students who are served in our classroom most often have attention and physical needs that impact their learning. At times, the attention and physical needs can distract the learning processing, progress, and success.  Students who need to move to think, yet have only access to a stable chair, can become frustrated and distracted. The request of Hokki stools and balance balls are a perfect match as they allow students to pivot and gently rock while remaining focused on the academic tasks in front of them. Hokki stools and balance balls will help respect the need for students to move and stay focused, therefore increasing engagement towards reading success.


More Active Girls: $500

Funding provided through the Nike Employee Grant Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

Supports wellness and physical activities, designed to increase self-esteem and communication skills, for female students in the Aloha area.

GoBoy Athletic Club: $500
Funding provided through the Nike Employee Grant Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

GoBoy Athletic Club supports activity and wellness activities for male students. The program is designed to take the most competitive sports and activities – basketball, soccer, wall ball, flag football, etc., and put a spin on that activity that encourages teamwork, communication and sportsmanship.

Arts for Learning (A4L) Lessons: $294

Arts for Learning (A4L) integrates standards-focused, text-based content and arts strategies to improve students’ achievement in literacy, learning and life skills.  Grant funding will be used to fund two Arts for Learning units, with an artist in residence for students in grades 3-5.


The Adventures of Captain Corndog: $500

  Students in the structured learning center will have the opportunity to participate in a collaborative writing process where they develop characters, dialog and story elements as they write and creat their own book.

Science A-Z Book Room Project: $1,000  Funding provided through the BEF Building STEAM 4 All Program

This project couples and addresses two critical needs: access to leveled non-fiction text that is also aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  A Book Room will be developed with non-fiction titles via a site called Reading A-Z.  Grade level teams will select titles.  Volunteers will print books, put them together and organize them into labeled containers, ready for checkout.  Labels will include reading level and grade level NGSS that the book addresses

The Private Eye: $951.  Funding provided through the BEF Building STEAM 4 All Program

The Private Eye strategies accelerate interdisciplinary thinking skills in all academic areas, especially science inquiry.  Using a jeweler’s loupe as a tool to look closely at ordinary objects, students are encouraged to think critically and create theories based on scientific observations.  Students will engage in looking closely, changing scale and thinking analytically, as they read, write, complete math computations and share findings.


iCoach for Success: $1,000
Funding provided through the BEF Building STEAM 4 All Program
iCoach for Success will provide first grade students additional high interest practice in letter/sound and sight word recognition through the use of an iPad2. This technology gives instant feedback to students as they work toward key first grade learning targets.

Wooden Car: $1,000
Funding provided through the BEF Building STEAM 4 All Program
This project will fund materials for the Beaverton Science Specialist team to go to all 33 elementary schools and teach first grade students a science inquiry lesson. Students will learn about the motion of objects when a force is applied as they wind a rubber band
around a wooden car and measure how far it goes over different surfaces.



iKindergarten: $618
Funding provided through Dave Gettling Technology Fund
The iKindergarten project will provide children extended practice as they work on identifying capital/lowercase letters, letter sounds, and basic sight words by using an iPad. Utilizing technology will allow students to receive instant feedback as they work toward key kindergarten learning targets.

Engineering Design: Designing Maglev Systems: $730.50
Funding provided through Dave Gettling Technology Fund
This project will help prepare students, in 18 classrooms at 3 schools, to succeed within the ever changing competitive global job market, by giving students early opportunities to engage in the processes utilized by scientists, engineers and mathematicians as they seek to investigate and solve real world dilemmas. The Engineering is Elementary Project utilizes highly motivating, student-engaged lessons to support engineering design processes through integrated instruction.

Art Literacy Digital Transition: $1,600
The update of obsolete slide to digital technology for the Art Literacy program will provide continued viewing of museum quality images and presentations that demonstrate the power and value of the visual arts across time and in our world.

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