Grant Update- Bethany Elementary Maker Camp

Grant Update- Bethany Elementary Maker Camp
Bethany Elementary Maker Camp brought together families and community members for this STEM based event aimed at instilling a love of learning and exploration in the areas of Computer Science & Engineering.

Participant Quotes:

Library/Instructional Tech Teacher,¬†Jennifer DeMartino added “Thanks to a BEF Beaverton’s Choice Grant, we were able to purchase materials for our maker camp projects. We hope to continue this tradition, while adding a “Future Ready Schools” focus.”


Aryan, a fifth grader, says, “Learning about Mars, like Olympus Mons and the polar caps was cool, but the best part was building the model!”


Siri, a third grader, says, “My teacher says someday, I might be an engineer!”


A parent, Jyoti Canton, said, “I can’t believe they’re learning to code robots already as first graders!”

Participants and sponsors include Sunset High School staff and students, SparkFun Electronics Inc., volunteers from Intel, as well as BSD employees across multiple school sites with funding provided by Beaverton Education Foundation.