Grant Update – Camp Achieve

Grant Update – Camp Achieve

Students at Rock Creek, Terra Linda, Bethany, Ridgewood, West TV, Cedar Mill, and Raleigh Park Elementary schools had the opportunity to attend multi-week collaborative summer school that offered high-quality, research-based instruction to help prevent “summer slide” – the loss of academic skills over the summer.

Camp Achieve is a multi-year exploration of best practices to prevent summer slide for our Beaverton students. BEF has worked with participating schools and community partners to identify and support the essential components of a quality and effective program. Through key partnerships with community-based organization, students also participated in enrichment activities.

Students were assessed six weeks after the start of school and Camp Achieve participants showed significant retention of skills:

  • Literacy: 91% of the kids retained skills (last year 88%)
  • Math: 87% retained skills 6 weeks after in Math (last year was 81%).
  • Boys 62% as likely to retain skills if attending Camp Achieve.
  • Economically Disadvantaged – 3 times as likely to retain spring vs. fall Math skills.

Camp enabled students to continue to work at speed learning new material, instead of reviewing information. The school communities and families all continue to benefit from the work in the summer through the school year and beyond.

BEF’s goal is to expand the program to three additional schools for the Summer of 2017.