Grant Update – Teaching with Phenomenon

Grant Update – Teaching with Phenomenon

Teaching with Phenomenon

From Burton Reed, ACMA

This year I set out to make my science class more engaging for my students by having them interact more with science in a variety of ways. Thanks to the BEF grant I was fortunate enough to receive I was able to do just that. With the grant I was able to procure the following items to enhance the following lessons:

Evolution: This unit is traditionally one that relies on a lot of visuals and videos to help get the idea across. With the grant from BEF, I was able to purchase and put fossils in the hands of my students and better connect them to ancient species.

Physics – Force & Motion: With the grant I was able to purchase foam tubes and marbles for my students to build marble roller coasters. By building them they were able to better understand gravitational forces and the accelerations they apply to moving objects. Students built their “coasters” to meet certain criteria, drew what they created on paper, and the labeled all the applicable forces, accelerations, and motion. This lab is definitely a new favorite for my students that I’ll continue to use the supplies on for years! (Pictures of one example coaster is attached at the bottom)

-Electricity: Electricity is a fun topic for students and while I had some materials I was able to expand them in a creative way thanks to the grant from BEF. With the new materials, students were able to see different ways to generate electricity (Wind, water, and hand crank) and how to connect the concepts to power plants. Allowing students to look beyond diagrams and pictures allowed them a fuller experience and better understanding of the concepts.

-Weather: With the funds I was able to purchase a subscription to BrainPOP and materials for my students to better research weather. Both of these allowed my students to learn in a fun way and to have a great resource to understand the concepts of weather for our month-long Adopt-A-City project. Each student had to complete research for their specific city and state and compare it to Beaverton, Oregon.