Jacob Wismer Grants



The Spectactular Phenomena: The Great Solar Eclipse | $500

Funding provided by the Dave Gettling Technology Fund, The Spirit of New Seasons Market Awards, and the BEF Building STEAM 4 All Program.

Set your watches, mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen, the Great Solar Eclipse is coming to Oregon on August 21, 2017 at 10:17am. Jacob Wismer students will get excited as they learn about solar eclipses through building pinpoint projectors, modeling an eclipse and researching this fantastic phenomena. The project will jumpstart with an all school assembly. Students will participate in a mock eclipse and learn what causes a solar eclipse. Next, classes will research eclipses using a variety of sources and create both models to demonstrate eclipses as well as pinpoint projectors in which to watch the actual eclipse on August 21st.


Arts for Learning (A4L) Lessons: $294

Arts for Learning (A4L) integrates standards-focused, text-based content and arts strategies to improve students’ achievement in literacy, learning and life skills.  Grant funding will be used to fund two Arts for Learning units, with an artist in residence for students in grades 3-5.


Making Algebra Child’s Play: $938

Funding provided through the BEF Building STEAM 4 All Program

With this project the Hands-On Equations program performs the essential function of demystifying algebraic notation through its unique visual representation of equations using pawns and numbered cubes.  It lets students touch, feel and manipulate the pieces, making the concepts come alive.  Learning algebra can be an abstract concept for students.  This incorporates kinesthetic methods to better help them grasp algebra.  Once students understand what an equation means, they attain a very high level of success with algebraic linear equations normally presented only in an algebra class.


The Private Eye – Science Will Never Look the Same: $862
Funding provided through BEF Building STEAM 4 All Program
The Private Eye is a hands-on learning system that rivets the eye and rockets the mind. Learners using this system build close observation skills linked to the mental muscle of thinking by analogy. Learners write, draw and theorize at higher levels. The program uses a jeweler’s loupe to look closely at the world and simple questions to accelerate science, writing, art and math education.

Wooden Car: $1,000
Funding provided through the BEF Building STEAM 4 All Program
This project will fund materials for the Beaverton Science Specialist team to go to all 33 elementary schools and teach first grade students a science inquiry lesson. Students will learn about the motion of objects when a force is applied as they wind a rubber band around a wooden car and measure how far it goes over different surfaces.



Engineering and Design: $1,000
Funding provided through the Building STEAM 4 All Program
This two-year project will begin with second graders learning about engineering and design though the use of earth materials in the design and construction of technology. The students will design a mortar mixture, then will plan, create, test and improve their design as they create their own walls. In the second year, the third graders will design and build bridges. Students will explore why bridges are shaped differently and distinguish between beam, arch, and suspension bridges, as the construct and test their own bridges.


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