Join BEF in supporting iX19

Join BEF in supporting iX19

On May 16, 2019, Beaverton students are invited to demonstrate their mastery of STEAM education topics at the second annual BSD Innovation Expo, iX19. The goal of iX19 is to increase students’ authentic communication abilities, critical thinking, and collaboration skills. These are all building blocks towards developing future workers who will be successful in tomorrow’s global economy.

  • Who will be there? Teachers and students with innovative projects they’re working on. The projects are designed to be shared to demonstrate and encourage hands-on learning.
  • What are the project rules? No real rules except that it needs to involve both teacher and student—it’s encouraged to let the kids be the “mouthpiece” for this event. So many unintended, but nonetheless positive, things happen when you allow kids to lead.

This event will be held at Aloha High School and highlights, celebrates and amplifies the innovative and creative ways students are learning and how teachers are teaching. Walk through the exhibition hall, talk with students, join in a friendly game, and see the future of learning in our schools.

Want to help make it happen?
You can download the sponsorship package hereYou can also help to fund an iX19 classroom project on BEF’s Beaverton’s Choice. Look for the iX19 logo in the corner of the project; new campaigns are added weekly!

iX18 at Aloha High School from TeacherSource Videos on Vimeo.