Pick a Project

Beaverton’s Choice is a BEF online resource that connects classroom projects with individuals and businesses that want to help. Staff from all of Beaverton’s public schools use Beaverton’s Choice to fund their school or classroom projects, and here’s why…

  • All donations have a local and immediate impact.
  • Schools and staff choose their own vendor to purchase materials and supplies.
  • Projects typically fund in 45-50 days.
  • A project can request volunteers or in-kind donations.
  • BEF staff work directly with schools and PTOs in funding.
  • Corporate matching is available for selected projects.
  • Free to apply – Schools and staff incur zero credit card fees, project fees or point system requirements.
  • It’s easy to share projects on multiple social media platforms to help a campaign with funding.

During the last school year

  • $91,927 donated
  • 79 student-focused projects funded
  • 19,505 students helped

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