Pilot Programs Funded

Pilot Programs Funded

This winter, the Beaverton Education Foundation announced to all 53 of our Beaverton schools a Request for Innovation funding initiative.

We are thrilled to share that four programs were selected to receive $19,615 of funding through the initiative:

Summer Trades Exploration offers a preparatory program that connects students to the construction trades. ​In collaboration with industry partners, participating middle school students will design and complete a construction project on site at Merlo Station High School, work with multiple professionals in a variety of trades and visit real-time district building projects as part of this summer program.

Safe and Sound 4 Student Success after-school expansion at Whitford Middle School – The Rebound will combine Social Emotional Learning and basketball, will demonstrate that the skills are applicable on and off the court, and will result in greater engagement with school, improved academic outcomes and greater academic motivation.

Tiger Club at Terra Linda Elementary School extends the school day, providing time for students to learn and practice specific reading strategies and math skills two days per week. Staff meet individually with students to provide targeted support focused on the week’s reading strategy. With 35% of our student population identified as Economically Disadvantaged, the club provides free access to additional instruction that many families would not be able to access otherwise.

High school extension of Safe and Sound 4 Student Success at Beaverton High School. The objective is to empower students on the field, in the classroom, and within the community through recreational and competitive soccer opportunities.  As with S4 in the middle grades, this pilot will extend the ideals of creating a positive connection and sense of belonging through soccer and school pride, grade monitoring and tutoring that gives targeted students motivation and means to improve academically, engaging in community service that promotes teamwork and develops real-world skills while promoting civic engagement.