Reflections – Bill Piwonka Board Member

Reflections – Bill Piwonka Board Member

Bill Piwonka is nearing the completion of his second and final three-year term as a Board Member of the Beaverton Education Foundation. We asked him to share some reflections on his service and BEF.

“I am a strong proponent of public-school education and believe all students should have access to innovative educational experiences. I passionately believe in the work the Beaverton Education Foundation does to help provide all Beaverton students access to the people, tools and experiences that expand the depth, breadth and relevance of their academic journey.


I grew up in the public schools, am a father of two boys who attended Beaverton schools. It shocked me how far funding for education has decreased since I was a student. BEF helps fund innovative classroom activities and experiences that otherwise could not be offered.


I am nearing the completion of my sixth year on the Board. Two things stand out for me:


Helping students. I quickly realized how much fun it was to work with the students during the annual BEF Phone-A-Thon as they reached out to the community to help us raise funds that enable us to support so many projects.


Being part of the group that launched Beaverton’s Choice, which is the crowd funding site that brings together the community and our classrooms. There are always projects that need your assistance with a monetary donation, resources or even volunteering time. 100% of your donation goes to the project you choose.


There are so many ways to get involved and support something that is meaningful to you individually. The BEF was my first non-profit board experience and I’ve really enjoyed it and now have expanded to other ones. I just find it incredibly rewarding to contribute in some way for the betterment of our community.”

In response to our final question for Bill, what news story about BEF would you most like to see in the future?, he explained, “I’d love to see a story about how Beaverton’s Choice has taken off and has the backing of the entire Beaverton Community – families, those without children in our schools, businesses, etc. – helping to fund these cool, innovative and educational projects.”