The Safe and Sound 4 Student Success (S4) program targets middle school, low-income, at-risk students through after-school academic and athletic activities.

The S4 program has grown from a small after-school to an active group of 800 middle school students representing all middle schools in the Beaverton Public School District. Working with a community network of sponsorships, grants and Beaverton Education Foundation’s (BEF) support, the S4 program offers those students who are willing to actively participate in the classroom and demonstrate positive academic life skills, the opportunity to participate int he S4 Soccer Club.

Through the S4 program, we measure the success from the student’s point of view:

  • Students are safe & participating in organized & supervised sports.
  • Students are performing better in the classrooms and at school in general.
  • Students are learning teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship qualities.
  • Student are demonstrating increased confidence, peer recognition & social acceptance.

“Our soccer club has engaged students with few resources as a valued part of our school community and provided a much needed avenue for our students to participate in healthy physical play, team building, and constructive after-school activity”, commented by Malindi Zimmer, English Language Development teacher at Whitford.

For more details and partner opportunities, contact the Beaverton Education Foundation office at (503) 643.7453