Ride for Schools photoEach year, energetic individuals, businesses, community groups, and students generate the resources we need to support all students and public schools through the Beaverton Education Foundation. If you are a planning a fundraiser, please take a moment to review our Fundraising Guidelines and complete the Application at least two weeks prior to your event/promotion so we have a chance to review it and respond to any questions.

Examples of successful fundraising events:

  • Host a service/product promotion – Designate a day at your business or a product for sale where a portion of the proceeds benefit BEF.
  • Host a sporting event – Coordinate a golf tournament, bike ride, dance-a-thon, basketball tournament, etc. in which the net proceeds and/or entry fees benefit BEF.
  • Host an academic event – Organize a read-a-thon, spell-a-thon, robotics-a-thon, etc. where participate collect pledges to benefit BEF.

If you have questions regarding hosting a fundraising event or promotion, please contact the BEF Office at (503) 643-7453.